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Immunizations and Flu Shots

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At Temple Terrace Primary Care, located next to the University of South Florida campus in Tampa, we proudly offer a full complement of CDC-recommended immunizations and seasonal flu shots. A cornerstone of preventive healthcare, today’s vaccines allow children and adults to avoid contracting a dangerous, highly contagious, uncomfortable and expensive disease just by keeping up to date on their shots.

For kids, getting their immunizations is usually a matter of course before heading to school, team sports or camp. But many adults fall short of ensuring their own protection against disease in this manner. The truth is that every person aged six months or older should be receiving an annual flu shot, with a special emphasis on college-age kids who live in close quarters (dorms), adults over the age of 50, anyone who works in a healthcare setting, children’s caregivers, pregnant women and those who plan on getting pregnant. And remember that even after childhood, you need to keep up to date on vaccinations against such serious diseases as meningitis, Hepatitis (A and B), shingles, whooping cough, chicken pox and others. Why not guard against these illnesses with one quick trip to the doctor’s office? To arrange for your next round of vaccinations, give us a call at 813.971.3136 or fill out an appointment request form online.