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Nebulizer Treatments

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At Temple Terrace Primary Care, our doctors focus on finding the best treatment options for asthma sufferers, many of whom are children. Our physicians often prescribe nebulizer treatments as the most efficient and effective way to deliver medicine to the lungs in order to stop an asthma attack. The major differences between an inhaler and a nebulizer are, first, the way they are powered (hand-held pump versus a battery or electric-powered machine, respectively), and in the method by which medicine is delivered. With a nebulizer, a medicine “mist” is inhaled through a facemask over a period of five to 10 minutes.

Our medical team teaches patients how to most effectively use a nebulizer to control their asthma symptoms and to ensure that a proper amount of medicine gets into their lungs with each use. We also monitor the course of each patient’s asthma treatment very closely to ensure that it is working as it should. If you or your child has experienced asthma symptoms, it is definitely worth a trip to our office for a full evaluation, so call us today at 813.971.3136 or fill out an online appointment request form here.