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At Temple Terrace Primary Care, our doctors and their staff are able to employ electrocardiogram (or EKG) testing to evaluate a patient’s heart condition and determine the cause of certain symptoms. This painless, in-office test is a completely non-invasive method that shows when a patient is having, or has had, a heart attack. But it can also help the doctor determine how well blood is flowing to the heart, how regularly and strongly the heart is beating, whether there is an abnormality in the heart’s structure and the presence of heart disease or inflammation around the heart.

A patient undergoing a basic EKG test reclines on a table while 12 special patches (called electrodes) are attached to their chest, arms and legs. Over the course of approximately 10 minutes, the EKG machine records the heart’s electrical activity on a graph, which the doctor then evaluates. Your physician may also employ advanced EKG testing, including stress tests and a “Holter monitor,” to get further information on what, if anything, is wrong with the way the heart is functioning.

We are happy to answer our patients’ questions about EKG testing and how and why it is performed in our office. Contact us at 813.971.3136.