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As primary care providers with a special interest in women’s health issues, our doctors at Temple Terrace Primary Care pay close attention to their patients’ bone health as they age. From diagnosing and managing a Vitamin D deficiency to regular monitoring of post-menopausal women for loss of bone density, we focus on preventive strategies for avoiding unnecessary fractures as a woman’s bones become more porous and brittle over time. Women whose bone density is not regularly evaluated and monitored by their primary care physician as they age usually don’t find out they have osteoporosis until they’ve broken something, so bone density scanning is an important part of your preventive healthcare plan. (While men also can develop osteoporosis, by far the largest portion of patients with this disease are post-menopausal Asian and Caucasian women.)

Osteoporosis is usually treated via one of several medications that have proven effective in bolstering bone density. Some women may also be treated with hormone therapy, wherein estrogen that is started right after menopause can help keep bones more intact.

Women living in neighborhoods of the Tampa Bay metro area surrounding the University of South Florida are invited to check out our practice and schedule an evaluation with our medical team by calling 813.971.3136 or filling out an online appointment request form here.